Shadow Text…What’s the Secret?

How the heck does everyone create those amazing words with a shadow behind it? Have you found yourself wanting to make a project with this feature? Today, I will be showing the process on my iPhone however you can use this app on Android phones as well, I’m not able to show what the screen would look like but I’m hopeful it is similar to the video below. Those blogs that ramble on before getting to what you came for drive me crazy so I’m going to just jump into it. Below is a video of how to shadow the lettering then upload and clean it into Design Space. Beneath that, I’ve written out the step by step instructions. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  1. Once you have both Phonto and Design Space downloaded, open up Phonto. 
  2. Click the camera in the bottom center of the screen.
  3. Select Plain Images then pick the plain white one.
  4. Click the upload in the top right corner and select Use.
  5. Tap anywhere on the white box then select add text.
  6. Type whatever you are wanting to create a shadow around.
  7. Center it in the white square
  8. With the word selected click on font if you want to change the font (any font on your phone should be available) 
    1. **BONUS** Typing your word in Phonto means you don’t have to manually kern or weld the word once you insert it into Design Space.
  9. If you want to change the size of the word or what the word is select the appropriate option. 
  10. Once the word is the size and font that you want click on style.
  11. This is where you will decide what color you want your word to be.
  12. Next click on stroke, select the color you want the shadow to be. Towards the bottom of your screen, the option for width is where you change the amount of shadow behind the word. 
  13. Once the shadow is how you like it click done in the top right corner. Make sure your word is mostly centered in the white box then save it to your phone. 
  14. Closeout of Phonto and open Design Space. Either start a new project or open the project that you want to add the shadowed word to. 
  15. Click upload, and select the photo of the word. 
  16. Click remove on the bottom left and then click on the background. Make sure to select all areas that should be background (in my example the loop of the ‘H’, and above the ‘E’ needed to be cleared too.) You will then click the letters (not the shadow) to remove these. 
  17. Click next twice, name the file and then click Save.
  18. Select the word to upload to add it to the canvas. 
  19. Now that the word is in on the canvas you have two options:
    1. Continue working on your phone 
    2. Save the project then jump onto the computer to finish up

Whichever method you choose the next steps are what you have to do in order to get both the word and the shadow to cut. If you try to cut it as is you will end up with a shadow shape and the word cut out of it. 

  1. You will need to duplicate the image. 
  2. Select one of them and click contour (On mobile these options are under actions, contour is called ‘Hide Contour’).
  3. You will want to select all inner lines – this will leave you with a blob in the shape of the outline.
  4. Select the other image and again click contour.
  5. This time hide the outer line and any small sections leaving just the word.
  6. Make sure both the shadow and the word are the color you want them to be.
  7. With the word selected select arrange, then send to front. (On mobile this option is under edit). 
  8. You can now select both the shadow and the word then go to align, center. (On mobile align is listed under edit).

Congratulations!! You have created a shadow word! Now if you are working on a project and want these items to stay together when moving them around make sure you GROUP them. You do NOT want to attach or weld them as this will mess up all the work you just did. See this post for more about when to use group, attach, or weld.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I’m always happy to help. 

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