Jack Skellington Wreath

Jack Skellington Wreath

I ran across this idea on Pinterest and I had an extra pizza pan from the Dollar Tree so I figured as a Nightmare Before Christmas lover this would be the perfect fall/Halloween decoration for my front door. 

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I started with a pizza pan from Dollar Tree and clothespins from Amazon which can be found here. I spray painted the backside of the pan white, half the clothespins white and the other half black. I sprayed two coats making sure to follow the directions on the cans for how long to wait in between coats. I then let the pan fully cure.

Once cured I cleaned off the pan with a damp cloth and apply the Jack Skellington face. I used Starcraft vinyl, I’ve decided to trial this vinyl to see how it holds up since I know so many of us order from 651vinyl and they are no longer carrying Oracal brand I thought I would test out the other brand that was popular. I will let you know how it holds up as I continue to use it. 

Once my face was on I started spacing the clothespins around the outside, I did my best to evenly space them but wasn’t super concerned about them being perfect. Once spaced the way I want I used superglue to attach them to the edge of the pan. I’m not sure how well they will hold up but if they start to fall off I will try using a pinner to attach them.

To hang the wreath I simply used some twine I had and E6000 glue to secure it to the back. I wanted to stay away from hot glue as much as possible for this project since it will be hanging in between my screen door and front door and with Midwest weather you never know how hot the fall will be.

I can’t wait to hang this up with the rest of my fall/Halloween decorations! What holiday is your favorite to decorate for? 

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