Cricut 101 – Useful Links

Cricut 101 – Useful Links

This week for Cricut 101 I thought we could focus on resources. So this is going to be an evolving list of links, apps, software, etc that I’ve found helpful when creating with Cricut. I’m going to continue to update this post with new links as I find them.

Apps: I have an iPhone so these apps work with Apple devices, I can not comment on how well they will work or if they are available on Android. (If you have an Android device and use it with Cricut please contact me!) 

iFont – used to install fonts onto your phone/tablet

iZip – use to unzip files that are downloaded (either fonts or svgs you purchase)

What the Font – allows you to take a picture or upload a picture of a font and will tell you what font it is. 

Craft Pricing Calculator – allows you to input cost information and determine what you should charge per project 

VSCO – photo editing app

PicFrame – allows you to create collages of multiple images to upload to social media

Typcas – Allows you to create typographic filters for photos.

PicsArt – Photo editing app

Retouch – Photo editing app


Inkscape – Free design software to create your own svg or edit an existing svg

Illustrator – Design software to create your own svg or edit an existing svg

Silhouette Studio Business Edition – Silhouette design software (their version of Design Space). You do have to pay for the business edition to be able to use the designs you create in Cricut Design Space. 

Websites: – Great website for designs and tutorials – free fonts – free svg – free fonts – svgs (free and to purchase) – heat guide for Cricut iron on – acrylic blanks (for keychains and badge reels) also has printed vinyl – font organization and they sell svgs and fonts – allows you to type a word and see it in all fonts installed on your computer – good site to order bulk tumblers – good site to order bulk shirts – free photo to svg converter (doesn’t always give great results but a good starting point) also make sure you remove the background of the image – use to remove the background of a photo – acrylic blanks and patterned vinyl – great place to buy vinyl (removable, permanent, or iron on) – good place to buy vinyl (removable, permanent, or iron on) The owner is very particular and has a set of rules you have to follow or you may lose money. Customer service is not the greatest so I will leave it up to you whether the price is worth the less than stellar customer service – purchase svgs and fonts

I will keep this list going and if you have any favorite resources please leave them in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Cricut 101 series here

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  1. Carol

    Thank you. This is helpful.
    I’m a newbie and need/want to learn how to size a purchased Svs onto design space. Feeling very frustrated about this.
    Also with the explore air 2, how do you edit an Svs?

    Can you comment or include this at some point?

  2. Judy

    Thank you very much. Im learning and often get very frustrated. Very helpful thankyou.

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